Good Earth Packaging

Project Scope

We met the environmentally conscious team at Good Earth Packaging for coffee with compostable cups. Good Earth Packaging wanted to not just drink out of these cups but provide a plethora of recycled, recyclable and compostable food packaging items to help combat the ever-increasing environmental trouble stemming from society’s excessive use of plastics in all Canadian communities. It was our work and great pleasure to help put this ambition of theirs online and make it a reality.

About the client

Good Earth Packaging is providing and supplying food packaging to Canadian and North American’s alike. The products are made of recycled materials and all are compostable after being used. Good Earth Packaging is giving the customer an option to avoid making more plastic waste in our communities. Good Earth Packaging wants to work in all communities and welcomes all new customers to help them make this change in the food packaging market space.

Logo Design
Good Earth Packaging Logo, dark green, teal and white
Good Earth Packaging Logo Icon, 3 cutlery images merging with shape of a leaf
Creative Process
Good Earth Packaging lgoo concept design, Big Boy Marketing Agency
Good Earth Packaging logo concepts round 2
Tear Off Promotion Card
About the Deliverables

We designed and developed their new corporate identity and user-friendly website: where customers can find and purchase environmentally friendly and earth-friendly food packaging products that you can be proud of buying and using in any Canadian or North American food services business out there. We did create a few logo design options before landing where we did, as is the natural course of the creative process. (Various illustration versions shown here.)

Website Page Design