Energy Wise Canada

Project Scope

Energy Wise Canada (EWC) came to BBBMA with a simple ambition of community building within the emergent alternative energy industry. Working beside Energy Wise Canada, BBMA helped them create a consumer focused, information-based platform where online users can find useful regional details regarding incentives programs and other regulatory policies, as well, EWC is a place for all industry participants to gather and promote their own offers to Energy Wise Canada users online.

About the client

Energy Wise Canada (EWC) is a Canadian focused media business aiming to provide information to Canadians about alternative energy resources within Canada, alternative to Oil & Gas. This includes the commercial promotion of all Alternative Energy methods including and not limited to: Geothermal, Wind, Solar, Hydro, also including focused Green Builders within Canada, and ingenuitive Green Products available for customer purchase.

Logo Design
Creative Process
About the Deliverables

At the launch of our project with EWC members we had be given specific objectives to come up with two unique and original, artistic brand identities to compliment a novel new website that would come next. The two brand identities we delivered were an artistic combination of visual stimuli emphasizing the main alternative energy elements, including Canadian representation, into one actual impression. We accomplished this twice in the direction asked of by EWC by producing two, a “Coat of Arms” essence logo and, a “Crest/Shield” version.

Secondly, we delivered the dynamic, information-based website platform successfully, delivering additional value by creating and including numerous original and unique branding elements and graphics to increase the visual impact of the site overall. Please visit to see the work we continue to further develop with the EWC members.

The Crest Logo
Creative Process
Site Icons
Supporting Graphics
Website Page Design