Project Scope

When we met Free-Light, they were running an older OS platform for their website that wasn’t proving the kind of marketing or real business results they were seeking. They also had ambitions of addressing the American market-place with their product website offers and needed to find a way to strategically break into this region from Canada. Free-Light needed to update their online presence and their Brand look. Free-Light also wanted to find ways to expand their Brand reach through the use of Social Media tools as well.

About the client is where you go online for solar lighting for your residential and commercial landscape needs. Free-Light is an entrepreneur operation offering quality solar light products to the North American and worldwide marketplace. Quality Canadian products aimed at efficiently lighting up your home landscape or commercial property setting.

Logo Design
free-light company logo, yellow and black
Website Design & Build
free-light tall website layout
Video Advertising Design

In order to start out on the right foot, we presented Free-Light with an opportunity to collect information by Split-Testing and reviewing the current Brand information with an Analytics Assessment of the current website in order to gather as much factual information as we could and to vet and verify assumptions they had and suggestions we had in mind. We conducted short phase simple Split-Testing program with Free-Light online to find that users responded to certain colors and layouts better than the previous ones in use and we proceeded to rebuild and reconstruct their online presence within a new OS platform using a current merchant application system. We worked with Free-Light to create a fresh Brand Identity that would complement the new product website. We supported Free-Light in their ambition to dive into Social Media as well with Facebook proving to be a very valuable platform for them to be on.

free-light website layouts