Project Scope

Captive Outdoor had very large ambitions for their business and they wanted their website and marketing tools to be a reflection of their ambitions and business models. We were asked to build their corporate identity (logo), website, promotional materials including print and video creation, and generally speaking to help them with their approach in the Alberta marketplace.

About the client

Captive Outdoor Media is a full service digital and traditional signage service provider. Captive Outdoor Media provides solutions for interior signage and exterior building signage of all shapes, sizes and formats helping their clients efficiently solve any number of signage related issues.

Logo Design
captive outdoor logo
Rate Card Design
captive outdoor rate card design

We created for them an appropriate looking and professional corporate identity, a noteworthy website that concisely encompasses their basic business models which include indoor digital lobby, airport and menu boards screen sales and support including content creation and distribution, consulting and customer coaching on technology usability. As well, Captive Outdoor Media uses their new website to offer interior/exterior signage and signage services that are extensive in nature: illuminated on-building signage or non-illuminated on-building signage, outdoor digital signage, interior display walls (static or digital) and so many other signage options.

Captive Outdoor Media uses their website to help describe an Alberta based network of 3rd party-usage advertising screens they have deployed within the Alberta market place for any local advertiser’s use and message delivery.

Website Design & Build
captive outdoor sevices page design
captive outdoor outdoor signage website page
captive outdoor advertising website page design
captive outdoor homepage website design
Video Animation Design