Exposure Alliance

Project Scope

We were asked to help them coordinate and organize their brand and to help develop the marketing, identify probable partners and future alliance members and help them get their website from a developed wire frame, to a fully responsive and organised user-centric website experience.

About the Client

Exposure Alliance (EA) services advertising buyers and agencies alike with a single point of contact to many newer, innovating advertising mediums.

Logo Design
Website Design & Build
Exposure Alliance website page design

Exposure Alliance is marketer community building within the Alberta regional Advertising landscape. EA’s intentions are to support the various emerging advertising methods within the community by coordinating buyers with sellers of appropriate exposure methods for individual brands.

Collectively working together with other reginal platforms helps customers gain access to more methods that can help them further spread their messaging in the most productive ways possible for them. EA continues to serve the buyers and the sellers with its philosophy of collaboration and support for all those involved with the EA Network.